3 Things Your Web Design Needs To Push SEO

Posted by Edwyn Gray on September 22nd, 2014 — Posted in SEO

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Web design and seo live together online in a way that hasn’t been seen before. In the past, many websites were able to gain serious market share without focusing on optimization strategies. There are some notorious pages from the past that you will find online alive and well, and are still ranking high for what seems like no apparent reason. However, they end up being the examples that many people use for publishing articles on search engine optimization changes, which in turn gives them more popularity and credence. This is an illustration of how powerful linking strategies can become online. However, you will need to understand that design has a great deal to do with modern optimization and traffic. If you’re building a page or are looking to see what’s wrong with your existing site, consider the 3 things you need to work on in terms of design for the purpose of gaining leverage within search engine results.

Make Navigation Painfully Obvious:

Never confuse the end user. Do not put your SEOnavigation in odd places, do not only have 1 section for navigation and make sure that you hard link things wherever you can. You need to consider your website like a street within a city. Make sure that you have signs posted, and point people to the right direction of your page. If you have a page that is meant to sell products, then create a site that will allow you to build things out correctly. Do not just assume that you will be able to put up a page and expect the end user to know exactly where to go or how to go about various things. Take your time, and make sure that the navigation points to the right places and is not hidden by anything. Too much mystery will sour your traffic, guaranteed.

Optimize All Content For Faster Loading:

Images are notorious for being too large online. If you want to gain market share, then you need to work on engaging the general public with fast loading pages. That is done through the optimization and use of images, video and more. Be modest with these things and allow yourself to slowly increase market share for the long term. If done correctly, you will be able to gain serious traffic due in large part to the loading times that you’ll have. If your page loads faster than competitors, and has solid navigation, you will be able to focus on other areas of your site to gain serious traffic. Without these in place, and without optimal images, you will end up with a slower loading page and something that most people will want to walk away from.

Keyword Selection and Density:

You will need to select the right density for your page. Do not just post content that is going to be repetitive or anything along those lines. If you end up doing this, then you will end up losing out in the long term. Do not repeat the keywords too much, and do not just focus on 1 word or phrase. Instead, focus on filling out meta data correctly, filling out pages with content that points to the right pages, and more. Keyword selection is good, but density should not be outrageous. Too many mentions of certain things and you will bury your site’s chances of being found online through search results.

SEO goes hand in hand with web design and the above elements can help you balance things correctly. Do not focus on the wrong things here, you need to focus on several pieces of information and design flow if you want to gain a fighting chance with optimal placement in search results.

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